Glyfada, Athens, Greece
400 sqm

An interior of a private residence always poses a challenge for the architect, as a careful balance between the client brief and design intent is essential. This project is a precise amalgamation of these two aspects. Although the exterior of the house is bold in form, the interior was designed to be a personalized sanctuary for the owner - a calm and serene environment. 

The design style is minimal, with midcentury modern accents. Focusing on details and careful material selections, the challenge was to create a visually stimulating interior that does notinterfere with the tranquility of the space. The result is a home which is an atmospheric journey throughout all levels, from the secluded wellness room in the basement to the bright double-height living areas on the ground floor and the mezzanine, and finally, the characterful bedrooms on the fourth floor.

A neutral, soft color palette was selected for the home, while a mix of natural and artificial materials were used throughout to create continuity and its distinctive features. Upon entering, the double-height travertine fireplace becomes a focal point in the living room. This is balanced with the warmth of the projects signature oak veneer, which wraps along the background of the space, cladding walls, and kitchen cabinets. In the heart of the kitchen, a large, monolithic island clad in marble and sintered stone tiles stands almost like a sculptural piece. The furnishings, all with contemporary, clean lines give subtle accents of color and life to the interior. The abundant natural daylight in the space is replaced by an artificial stargazed ceiling in the evening. A floating staircase acts as a lightwell throughout the four levels, while its marble cladding creates a dynamic transition.

On the top floor, the bedrooms were designed with a sensitivity to the needs of the end user, yet still in keeping with the project's philosophy. The master bedroom was planned to be as open as possible and serve all the needs of a high-end suite, with a large walk-in closet. custom bathroom vanity, rain shower and minibar. The combination of natural materials such as crema marfil marble and oak wood flooring contrasts with the glass and metal cabinetry, creating a sophisticated and timeless opulence.

Great attention was given to the design of the exterior garden, with its diverse selection of tropical greenery, a seamless escape from the surrounding urban neighborhood. A custom exterior kitchen, a sizable pool and a private dining area wrap around the volume of the building, providing all the needs of luxury outdoor living.

Photos: Panagiotis Voumvakis.
In collaboration with Desani.

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