City Haven
Kolonaki, Athens, Greece
150 sqm

This pied-à-terre was completely reconstructed to allow for a more open-plan living area with a fully-equipped bar, 2 ensuite bedrooms, and a private office.

Situated in the famed upmarket neighborhood of Kolonaki, this 150 sqm penthouse celebrates its past with soft Art Deco and Mid Century elements infused with a contemporary style. Built in a period where Athens was booming in construction, the building had good bones to begin with: high ceilings, hardwood floors, crown moldings, and a marble mantel. These elements of its past were refurbished and layered with a variety of materials and styles to convey a sense of internationalism while in keeping with its original character. A trim of black wenge wood sinks into the existing hardwood floors, creating a border and visually uniting the main living quarters. The repetition of soft arches in open plan spaces, emphasizes passages, while being an ode to its past original structure.

Photos: Nikos Oikonomou

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