Casa Spilia
Mykonos, Greece
850 sqm

Casa Spilia is set on a cascading rocky landscape, with uninterrupted views of the sea and sunset. Located in a quiet area in Mykonos, yet in close proximity to the main town, this private villa was completely reconstructed into a nine bedroom holiday home to suit the vibrant social lifestyle of the client, yet provide a haven for them and their family to enjoy.

Built into the site’s steep inclination, the villa was assembled into three interior levels and five distinct exterior levels. The striking façade was clad in a local stone, blending in with the surrounding landscape and minimizing its volume,while the two main adjoining white volumes float above it.

The landscape was carefully sculpted to create ample outdoor living areas, with a coherent flow between them. The idea was to create an almost whimsical experience when moving throughout each space. Curved staircases flanked between rocks and greenery, resting nooks and stepping stones guide you into the main wellness, lounging and entertainment outdoor spaces.The pool stretches across the heart of the outdoor area and is intertwined with the pathways and reflecting pools which lightly touch the building’s façade.

The 850 sqm interior allowed for nine spacious suites to be designed on the three levels, all oriented towards the stunning sea view. Although there is a continuity in the design, each has its own attributes and details, allowing guests to discover their personal retreat. Living and dining areas are centered in the home, providing comfortable open spaces with sunlight spilling in fromskylights and large openings.   

The villa’s exterior lends itself more towards the local vernacular architecture,whereas the interior is contemporary and fresh, with subtle traditional details and materials. A neutral rendered stucco finish was used on the walls and floors to create a continuous backdrop and reflect light into the rooms. Rustic oak, teak and rattan accents create a casual, laid-back interior, much needed for a summer home. Finally, the contemporary artwork carefully curated gives a unique and playful character to each space.

Photos:Panagiotis Voumvakis

In collaboration with Desani.

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